Vision and Mission Statement

Heartbeat of Football Mission and Vision Statements

• Heartbeat of Football will promote and grow the importance of healthy lifestyles that can be achieved through the ongoing participation in sporting activities, particularly for those of a mature age.
• Heartbeat of Football will ensure that many of the health risks associated with such sporting activities can be prevented, or significantly reduced, through appropriate education and other mitigation activities.
• Heartbeat of Football will also seek to assist those in dire financial need as a result of sports related deaths or disability.


Heartbeat of Football’s mission is to facilitate the highest level of engagement with Governments, the Health Profession, Sporting Associations and the Community so as to assist those who wish to participate in all levels of mature age amateur sport with:-
• the best of a health awareness education;
• a consistent approach across the community to sport related health care;
• the ability to source appropriate funding and equipment to assist in mitigating and minimising health-related risks;
• the peace of mind that they can safely participate in, and enjoy, their chosen sport.