Perform CPR – Written Description


Here is a written description and video on how to perform CPR plus links to courses and an App.


CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation)

• Roll the player carefully onto their back
• Kneeling by the player’s side, begin chest compressions
• Place the heel of one hand on the player’s lower breastbone and place the other hand on top, with fingers interlocking – Hands - CPR
• With arms straight and using your body weight, compress the chest by at least 5 cms
• Lift hands slightly after each compression to allow the chest to recoil
• Compress chest 110 times per minute (take turns with others)
• If someone is trained in CPR, coordinate 30 chest compressions with giving 2 breaths. Otherwise continue with chest compressions only
• Use an AED (Defibrillator) as soon as it is available, but do NOT stop chest compressions until told to do by the AED
• If the Defibrillator shock is unsuccessful, recommence chest compressions
• The AED will announce when it is ready to give subsequent shocks. If the heart resumes beating, the AED will not deliver a shock.
• Continue CPR until an ambulance and paramedics arrive or the player responds