Using an AED (Defibrillator)

HoF - AEd

START the AED eg press button, open a lid (depending on type of AED being used).

THE AED will now give you instructions.

With the player lying on their back, clear the chest of clothing in order to apply the pad(s).

Apply the pad(s) carefully as per the diagram on the AED.

Once the pads are in place, the AED will analyse the heartbeat to determine whether a “shock” needs to be delivered.

If a shock needs to be delivered the AED will tell you to move away.

The AED will tell you when to resume CPR if the shock has been delivered but unsuccessful.

Resume CPR until the AED tells you that it is ready to deliver the next shock.

Continue this cycle until the player responds or an ambulance has arrived.

NOTE: It is vital to continue chest compressions continuously, only stopping when told to do so by the AED, or when giving 2 breaths.

NOTE: The AED will NOT deliver a shock if the heart is beating ie it is SAFE to use if you are uncertain as to whether a player is having a Cardiac Arrest.

Link to CPR video’s

Here is a list of preferred AED providers

Response for Life

Football NSW

Michael Hughes Foundation


Have a  look at the latest AED video that was taped during a Health Awareness Day